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Since 2002, the opening of our first restaurant on South Maoming road in Shanghai, blue frog has become a brand with over 60 restaurants across 15 cities in China and Europe. We focus on offering contemporary American dinning experience above and beyond the classic grills and cocktails. At blue frog, you will enjoy delicious food as well as friendly services. In here, we bring hearts closer.



In 2002, blue frog welcomed its first guest in South Maoming Road, Shanghai. Since then, it has become one of China's fastest growing restaurant & bar franchise.



blue frog brand has been loved by customers for both our quality food and drinks as well as our services. We have won many awards in the restaurant sector in various locations across China.



As of today, there are over 75+blue frog bar and grills in China locating in the key business and community districts across 15 major Chinese cities. The brand is also continuously expanding to second and third tier cities in China.
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2003 - South Maoming Road, the starting point of blue frog
Founder brought the authentic flavor of hometown America to China. blue frog welcomed first guest in South Maoming Road, Shanghai.
2008 - Hello, Beijing, The imperial city.
On the same day of the Beijing Olympic Games, Blue Frog opened in Sanlitun the pop landmark of Beijing.
2012 - blue frog China number 10
Beijing U-Town Shopping Center welcomed blue frog. We reached milestone of the tenth store in China.
2012 - blue frog expended further
The opening of the first blue frog in Nanjing marked mordent American dining culture officially expanded to the second-tier cities in China.
2012 - New journey started
blue frog officially became a member of AmRest restaurant group and it accelerated the brand to become one of the fastest growing western restaurant chain in China.
2015 - blue frog entered southwest
blue frog first entered southwestern region of China. In the city Chengdu, where hot pots were everywhere, blue frog set off a wave of American dining trends.
2015 - 20th store of Blue Frog opened in the northeast
blue frog came to the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, and it marked the 20th stores in China.
2016 - "Meet" Disneyland Shanghai
The blue frog Shanghai Disneyland store opened its doors and offered the adventurous journal of food and drinks in such important location.
2017 - blue frog Europe
In September, first blue frog European store opened in Madrid. Only a month after, blue frog second store was opened in Poland.
2017 - The birth of the fifth store in Beijing
The stunning terrace view of Beijing Guomao store became a hot spot in the city. Within the same year, Shenzhen and Suzhou have welcomed their first blue frog bar and grill.
2018 - Franchise debut in Spain
In September, the blue frog franchise stores Rivas and Equinoccio opened in Spain!
2018 - The number of stores nationwide has exceeded 60!
With the opening of first store in Shenyang, the number of blue frogs bar and grills in China reached 60. Our footprints have spread across 15 cities across the country, setting off a new American restaurant trend in China!
Great! Shanghai! ``Shanghai Best Restaurant'' '' Best Breakfast & lunch”
Shanghai Wow Society``Best Terrace Award of Shanghai Happy Time in 2015''
TripAdvisor ``TripAdvisor Cup Excellence Award in 2015'' .
Beijing People Community``Hamburg Cup in 2015-Beijing Community Best Burger Award''
Shanghai Consumption Guide``20 Best Hamburg Award''
BonApp! ``Best prize for users in 2015''
TimeOut Shanghai‘Best Family Restaurant for Readers in 2016”
Beijing People Community``The Best Restaurant in the Readers’ Heart in 2016'' ``Outstanding American Restaurant'' , ``Outstanding Steak''
Tianjin City Walk``Best Recreational Restaurant in 2016''
City Weekend ``The Best Restaurant in the Readers’ Heart in 2016'' , “Best Family Restaurant” ``Outstanding American Restaurant''
Shanghai City Walk “Best Recreational Restaurant in 2016'' ``Best Family Restaurant''
Shanghai Consumer Guide``Readers’ Best Restaurant''
Beijing City Walk``Golden Fork Restaurant in 2016'' ``Best Hamburg Restaurant''
Tianjin City Walk``Best American Restaurant in 2017''
Shanghai Food for Petty Bourgeoisie ”Shanghai 100 Restaurants in 2017''
Shanghai City Weekend “The Best Restaurant in the Readers’ Heart`` and ``Best Hamburg Nomination''
Beijing People Community ``Hamburg Cup in 2017'' ``The most delicious hamburg in Beijing''
Beijing City Walk``Golden Fork Restaurant in 2017'' ``Best American Restaurant''
Beijing People Community` `Hamburg Cup in 2018'' ``The most delicious hamburg in Beijing''
Shanghai food guide "Best quality of western restaurant in 2019"
Contemporary American Grill Expert
Started with the classic American grills,
then integrated with the best Eurasian cuisine
and culinary techniques, blue frog has been
focusing on providing unique "Contemporary
American" bar and grill experiences with
original and modern ideas. Our secret has
always been the use of only the fresh and
high-quality ingredients and the high quality
open fire grills. At blue frog you will enjoy a
delicious feast from sea and land by our grill experts.
Food Menu
Famous blue frog Bars
blue frog offers up to 300 different drinks, including beer, cocktails, shots, mocktails, fresh smoothies, milkshakes and more. The 100 shots challenge, which has a reputation for over 15 years, have told 50,000 legendary stories. There are more than 40 original cocktails by our famous bartenders which tailor to all kinds of tastes and moods.
Drink Menu
Our Culture
Employees are the cornerstone and wealth of blue frog. We are making continuous efforts deliver our commitment to our employees and ensure that every member of the company can have wide range of career development aspects.
blue frog firmly believes that excellent customer experience comes from the enthusiastic and friendly service of our employees. We are always committed to providing employees with in-depth trainings, benefits protection and personal and professional development plans, ensuring that employees have the opportunities to excel their careers, and benefiting from a comprehensive mechanism of rewards. The company's leadership development plans help employees at all levels to continuously improve their professional and business skills.
As the winner of "the best Employer" award for three consecutive terms, blue frog knows employees are the fundamental force for sustainable growth for our company. This is also one of the recipes of blue frog's success. We have established blue frog university for employee development and dedicated resources for every blue frog employee to grow with the brand.
Our Group
blue frog is affiliated with AmRest Holdings SE (AmRest, WSE: EAT) ,which is the largest independent restaurant operator in Central and Eastern Europe with a growing international presence. AmRest operates about 2015 category leading Quick Service and Casual Dining restaurants.
Click the link to learn more: www.amrest.eu
Our Culture
Service is our recipe for winning.
    By offering certainty to our customers, employees, investors and partners.
    By honoring our dues, living an honest life and doing good unto others.
    By respecting our company, employees and partners, through our commitment and engagement.
    By acting adequately and with no precipitation.
    By being committed to the society and environment in every decision.
blue frog University
We have designed personalized learning and development courses for all levels of employees, aiming to help each blue frog employee to improve their skillsets, meet different challenges and achieve the dreams where “anything is possible”(Wszystko jest możliwe).
blue frog University and AMU (AmRest University) at European headquarters have developed advanced international oriented training courses to help improve the professional, business and leadership skills of employees at different levels.
IDP ( Individual Development Plan) includes SWY high-potential employee development plan, student management plan.We select potential employees and interns, create personalized development plan for them.
  • Provide specific job required training for each position by formulating corresponding training courses, such as wine, cocktail, and coffee trainings, on-the-job training, job rotation etc.
  • Provide professional management knowledge training courses for managers, such as leadership training, manager training programs, etc.
  • Provide professional English language training and develop international talents.
Join Us
Choosing blue frog is not only a job, but also an attitude towards life. blue frog focuses on trainings and development of all employees, advocates the belief that anything is possible (WJM), and encourages employees to take on their job responsibilities as an important step in their career development, not just a simple job. We continuously delivering our commitment to our employees, to help them grow professionally while keeping a work life balance.
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307, 500 South Xiang Yang Road, Xu Hui District, 200031, China
4008 670 660
Partner with blue frog
Tel:+86 021 5109 9322
Thank you for your interest and support in the blue frog brand.
In order to help us to understand your franchise interests,
we ask you to send in your inquiry via above email address.
Please leave your contact information and name
and we will get back to you in timely manner.
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Ideal franchisee
We always welcome partners who agree with AmRest culture, share blue frog values and understand all aspects of operations when it comes to running a restaurant business. We hope our franchising partners have the same long term views and have adequate finance records.
Stores and funding requirements
"Not less than 250 square meters of practical space with a outside area.
No less than 6 millions running capital."
P1. Franchising Process
  • 1
    Submit application form A
  • 2
    Initial reviews
  • 3
    First in store interview
  • 4
    Submit application form B
  • 5
    Background check
  • 6
    Second round in person interview
  • 7
    Sign the letter of intent
    and deposit guarantee funding
Sign official franchise agreement
P2. Restaurant Opening Process
  • 1
    Franchisee reports location
  • 2
    Franchise department RE report
  • 3
    Store opening confirmation letter
  • 4
    Provide detailed construction plan
  • 5
    Site feasibility Study
  • 6
    Begin space design and staff training
  • 7
    Construction plan disclosure and purchase equipment
  • 8
    Constructions completes
New store opens
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We have not yet opened certain cities for franchising. please contact us for details.
Cities open for franchise
North China: Hebei, Shanxi, Nei Monggol
Northeast: Liaoning (Except Dalian, Shenyang), Jilin, Heilongjiang
East China: Jiangsu (Except Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou), Zhejiang (Except Hangzhou, Ningbo),
Fujian (Except Xiamen, Fuzhou), Jiangxi, Anhui (Except Hefei), Shandong (Except Jinan, Qingdao)
Central South: Henan, Hubei (Except Wuhan), Hunan (Except Changsha), Guangdong (Except Guangzhou, Shenzhen), Guangxi, Hainan
Southwest: Sichuan (Except Chengdu), Guizhou, Yunnan, Xizang
Northwest: Shaanxi (Except Xi'an), Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang
Regular Chain: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing
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  • 2
  • 3
* 正式签约前需提供个人房产、汽车、存款证明及6个月的银行流水,以及中国人民银行出具的征信报告。
请申请人如实填写以上内容,所有信息和数据仅用于蓝蛙项目申请,遵从保密原则,如有任何虚假信息,都会影响最后的甄选。若有疑问,请致电:+86 021 5109 9322
请申请人如实填写以上内容,所有信息和数据仅用于蓝蛙项目申请,遵从保密原则,如有任何虚假信息,都会影响最后的甄选。若有疑问,请致电:+86 021 5109 9322